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We'd love to add you to Meochia's page of SUPPORTERS!

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Emily Bridson, Kentwood Commissioner, Ward 1 and 2021 Kentwood Mayoral Candidate

I'm very excited to endorse Meochia for Kentwood City Commissioner. She is a community leader, deeply cares about Kentwood, and has an inclusive vision for our city. Meochia is passionate about connecting with and representing the interests of all residents. I'm looking forward to her outreach efforts this summer and watching her vision become a reality.

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Robert Womack, Kent County City Commissioner

I endorse Meochia Thompson for 1st Ward City Commissioner in Kentwood. I know she will be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars and a loud voice for the voters of the 1st Ward

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Michael Booker,

 Vice President of Kent County Black Caucus

Please Vote for Meochia Thompson for your next City of Kentwood Commissioner. As 2nd Vice President of the Kent County Democratic Party and Vice President of the Kent County Black Caucus I fully endorse her campaign. Kentwood needs a compassionate leader who listens and advocates for truth with integrity. A proven leader who will put your interests first mixed with accountability and a passion for getting goals accomplished.


Pastor Israel Siku
Res Life Church

I have known Meochia Thompson for a year, now. She has become a close friend to our family especially to my wife. Meochia is a wonderful wife and loving mother. She is a woman of integrity, courage, and honesty. She has dedicated her life to helping others, reaching out to people, and meeting the needs of others. Her qualities of leadership are so amazing. everywhere she goes she brings a smile to people's faces. Meochia Thompson is the candidate qualified for the position.


Pastor Christy Knetsch,
Executive Director of
New City Kids, GR

Meochia Thompson is a dedicated leader who is rooted in community, committed to collaboration and open to change. She is a bridge builder who’s experience and grit that will lead Kentwood into a prosperous next chapter.


Kris Mathis

Serial Entrepreneur

I confidently recommend Meochia Thompson for the position of First Ward Kentwood Commissioner. Meochia, a community leader, excels in everything she does and understands the importance of being a serving leader. In my years of working with and knowing Meochia, I have found her to be totally trustworthy and someone who will fight on behalf of the people when needed. Meochia is someone who you can depend on to help create and lead positive change the people can benefit from.

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Fridah Kanini, CEO

A Glimpse of Africa

I'm very honored to know Meochia, an amazing community enthusiast and a beacon of light and change in so many spaces. She does not just desire to bring people together she takes upon herself to provide a platform that people can dialogue, bridge the gaps and have racial healing between different communities. Her genuine love and great concern for the residents of the community, and willingness to listen to people's problems is commendable.


I'm confident these abilities and competencies among many others not mentioned prove that Meochia would be a great fit for the role of a Community Leader/Commissioner. 

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Tanya Henry, CEO

LoNia's World Center

I fully recommend Meochia Thompson as Commissioner! Since the day we met she has been nothing but hugs and love for every person who has come into her reach. I have a son with a cognitive disability, who knows a true person with a real heart, and Meochia is the true meaning of leadership, trust, and respect.

Community Advocates & Leaders

Pastor Dr. Curtis Thompson

Pastors Michael and Cindy Waver

Pastor Greg and Mary Amunga

Pastor Troy and LaDawn Evans

Pastor Brian Flippin

Pastor Dr. Denise Flippin

Pastor Eric and Cheryl Slack

Phil Skaggs, Kent County Commission

Paul Mayhue, Former Kent County Commission

LIly Cheng-Schulting

Dr. Andre Fields, Ph.D.

Elizabeth VanArragon

Sherlynn James

Roland & Sabina Johnson

Michael Curtis

Njeri Kioko

Omar Yassin

Kathi Harris

Monroe O'Bryant

Michael Niyibizi

Nickin and Chrisfa Peirrant

Yili Bonarski

Disha Roddy

Deon Isaac

and many more...


George Bayard

It is always good to see a candidate who is not afraid to debate, speak her mind and give voice for us at a town hall meeting or a TV interview. You have shown an exemplary standing in all these areas leading me to believe my support is best placed with you. I served as a businessperson, cultural leader, and board member in this Kentwood community for 25 years, and I have even had the privilege of helping to advise some people in government today. Many forget where they came from and the people they represent.

Because of the moral integrity I’ve seen in you while working on the many projects we have completed; I want to let you know you can count on my vote. This is a personal endorsement from me and my family and not the Museum board or staff though I’m sure they back you as well.

Good luck with the Campaign!

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Steve Grimm

Cannon Township Supervisor

Kentwood is fortunate that Meochia Thompson is running for First Ward Commissioner. She will put your health, safety, and welfare above all else. She cares deeply about the community and will make sure that your tax dollars are spent wisely.

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