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MEET MEOCHIA - Kentwood's Community Connector

Bringing Our Community Together for an Even Better Tomorrow

My husband and I were very intentional about moving into Kentwood over five years ago from Flossmoor, Illinois. We wanted to live in an area that reflected God's kingdom, beautiful and full of color. Kentwood is rich in diversity and bursting with culture! I hope to help us celebrate it, especially in sensitive times like these when we are relying on each other more than ever for answers because of racial and political tension and the COVID-19 pandemic that is placing stress on families, businesses, and communities. We are all affected by these issues and it's time we come together to set the standard on what a city full of diversity is like when we work together!

I am running for Commissioner of our First Ward because I want every person living in Kentwood to feel they are a part of a neighborhood that truly cares, not just living side-by-side but actual people doing life together. Which means being well informed on who our city officials are and having a voice in decisions affecting our city's budget, taxes, parks, police and fire departments, infrastructure and businesses.

Community means everything to me. It's a place of "firsts" for most of us. The first place we buy a home, start school, attend church, meet friends and start a family. It's the first place we learn how to live with each other. Community should be a place of love from the moment you reach its borders, not just when you walk into your own home. I want to help create a better connection and more communication between our local government and our citizens. This means being transparent and approachable.

I've had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people within our Ward and around our neighborhood. I've experienced our blooming Spring festivals, Summer lake retreats, the most amazing Fall landscapes and the icy streets of the Winter, and I always wonder what can I do to make our community better? My goals are to work with fellow City Planners, Commissioners and our Mayor to make effective decisions that benefit everyone.  

  • I based my entire career on serving others and finding creative ways to reach the highest potential.

  • Currently, I am a small business owner. I run a full service publishing company called Blessed Pen Ink. BPI publishes books of inspiration.

  • Since being in Michigan, I've worked as a Sunday morning radio host on Magic 104.9FM and Radio for Diva's. I also host the Life Chats podcast.

  • They voted me in the top 100 for Artprize in 2018 for an exhibit called HUG, which means Help Uplift Goodness. I deliver hugs all over the world! If you've ever met me, come to my church or walked past my house, you may have experienced one of my friendly hugs.

  • I also volunteered at Brookwood Elementary with the Bible Club.

  • I taught a journalism workshop through the Lyceum Grant at the Grand Rapids Public Museum School.

  • I am the Women's Ministry Director at Kentwood Community Church and a ministry student.

  • I also helped lead a peaceful march during the Breonna Taylor, Armaud Aubry and George Floyd protests called Post Up: Protecting Our Seeds Together, in which we brought women of all colors and local pastors together to march and pray in solidarity for our children, hospitals, schools, museums, police departments, and courts.

  • I lead a mentoring program called RUTH (Reaching Up Toward Heaven) to help girls and young women become leaders.

  • I have volunteered with various groups throughout the Grand Rapids Area and beyond.

I have degrees from Columbia College Chicago in Broadcast Radio and TV, and Print Journalism. We have a beautiful blended family, which includes my husband, Dr. Curtis A. Thompson, Connect & Care Pastor at KCC, our youngest daughter, Meochia Aponi, and our four adult children. 

My goal never changes, to help create positive connections and bring people together.

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"Community is not just about living next door to each other, it's about living life together and creating positive connections that enhance our city!"


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Photography provided by Rich P. Photography