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"I grew up in a large community surrounded by family and neighbors who felt like family. Nurturing environments helps everyone and everything within them thrive. When a Community cares enough to help each other, it eventually extends its arms to reach others. As a Kentwood Commissioner, caring means hearing the hearts of my community, understanding the unique needs of citizens, officials and businesses, and being responsible for city revenue. In a community as diverse as Kentwood, I'd like to help celebrate our differences and make our city an example for others to follow by embracing our neighbors, creating programs that educate our community, conserve our environment and natural resources, and keep us all connected! If elected, I am dedicated to my goals of the Three C's: Community. Connect. Conserve."

Community is everything...


We are even stronger when we connect...


Conserve means to protect and maintain


Community is everything...

Programs, parks, streets and structures can liven up a community, but the heartbeat is the people who thrive within it. Attached to every name and title is a person. The more we get to know who lives within our neighborhood, the more we can see them as people and respect who they are and what they do. My goal is to bring our community together by creating awareness, opportunity, and understanding. 

  • Provide more diversity training and education to promote sensitivity, humility and understanding

  • Create community forums which promote healthier relationships between police and residents

  • Partner with public health professionals to provide current COVID-19 safety resources, information, and updates for all residences

  • Create COVID Check-in & Education Program for Retirees and families needing meals and financial help

  • Advocate for developers to create accessible structures for people with disabilities with maximum consideration

  • Promote community events and projects that celebrate community heritage

  • Promote home, small and large businesses within community

  • Create scholarship funds for high school seniors entering College or Trade schools

  • Create and expand more Seniors, Summer Youth and after-school programs

  • Ensure Police and Firefighter training, uniforms and equipment are up-to-date and relevant

  • Provide safety training, policies and procedures beneficial to Kentwood Police Department that are safe, effective and fair for all residents within our community

  • Partner with mental health providers to support all public officials and citizens affected by city officials

  • Provide Community Grief Counseling and Resources for citizens affected by COVID-19, Immigration, Loss, etc.

  • Encourage active city wide Neighborhood Watch Programs and safety awareness protocols for citizens to decrease crime and theft


Kentwood is one of the best places to visit for summer garage sales and Halloween Trick-or-Treating but we are so much more than that. We are a city steeped in diversity and culture. Our neighbors range in age, color, background, education, political views and race. We live in one of the most sought neighborhoods in Midwest Michigan. As Commissioner of Kentwood, I'd like to focus on connecting community to resources and each other.​

  • Support and highlight local businesses

  • Ensure proper spending tax of dollars and help maintain a balanced budget

  • Advocate for incentives for businesses willing to hire and train college grads for future success

  • Create programs and activities that promote growth and opportunities and connection with community members

  • Educate community on who our city officials are, what we do, what services we provide, and how to contact us

  • Create tutoring programs for students needing interpreters and help families learn and teach English and 2nd languages

  • Promote job, trade and skills programs with local business to spur employment opportunities and growth

  • Create fellowship and internship opportunities for college students and residents to partner with local businesses


Conserve means to protect and maintain. The more we focus on keeping our environment healthy by planting and preserving trees, keeping sewers and drinking water safe, maintaining our streets, sidewalks and parks, the more safe our community becomes for our residents and others to thrive in its beauty. As Commissioner of Ward 1, I will keep you and your family in mind as we plan for healthier, safe environments for our community.​

  • Encourage transparent and responsible spending

  • Creating healthy, safe, and well-maintained parks, streets, sewers, water and facilities

  • Provide more restrooms in parks that are clean and stocked  

  • Advocate for community gardens

  • Keep trees and grass healthy and free of fungus, spots and holes

  • Maintain equipment for safe bike, sports and play areas

  • Extend animal, bike and walking trails and keep parks clean and free of debris

  • Create more accessible play areas and equipment for children with disabilities

  • Keep sidewalks and streets free of cracks and bumps

  • Provide more efficient snow removal services for inside streets

  • More yield and stop signs,  and retractable speed bumps throughout neighborhoods